The Master's in Mechanical Engineering degree is a top program for professionals seeking to specialize and advance in a variety of industries, including aerospace, agriculture, industrial design, and more. The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering or a related degree, as well as applicable work experience.

With a growing demand for advanced skills in the civic, manufacturing, power, renewable energy, and telecommunications sectors, this degree from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga will help prepare you for new challenges and opportunities for growth. If you are looking to take on specialized or leadership positions in your career, our Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering is one of the best ways to gain the education you need while standing apart from your peers. Our faculty in the Department of Mechanical Engineering are from a broad range of industries, allowing you to gain real-world knowledge from established leaders with years of expertise to impart on their students.

Students are able to choose either part-time or full-time tracks to complete their M.S. in Mechanical Engineering to best fit their schedules and goals. As well, our courses are offered 100% online so attendees from around the world can take part in our distance-learning program.

While our curriculum covers a wide range of topics, some areas of focus include:

  • Advanced Thermodynamics
  • Viscous Fluid Flow
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Heat Conduction and Radiation
Engineering (includes Automotive Systems, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical):
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or closely related field with a minimum GPA of 2.7 for all undergraduate work taken for a baccalaureate degree. 
  • All GPAs are based on a 4.0 point scale and are cumulative including all undergraduate courses completed; the last two years of undergraduate coursework are equivalent to approximately 60-70 semester hours or 90-100 quarter hours.

Completed application on University Of Tennessee Chattanooga's website

Official Transcripts

Submit official transcripts from each college or university attended (even those from whom transfer credits were earned) to UTC's Graduate School.

To expedite the receipt of official transcripts, UTC recommends the use of an electronic transcript submission service such as:

If mailing official transcripts, they must be mailed directly from the institution to:

  • The Graduate School
  • University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
  • Department 5305
  • 615 McCallie Avenue
  • Chattanooga, TN 37403
Application Fee

Pay a $35 one-time, non-refundable application fee ($40 for international student applications). This fee is paid when completing the online application.

International Students

International student applicants (not U.S. born or naturalized citizens) have additional application requirements detailed in the International Student Application Guide on the UTC International Student Services Office web site.

  • GRE is required for Engineering (Automotive Systems, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical), Engineering Management and Construction Management. It is not required for Computer Science.
  • Duolingo English Test

Note: International student applicants must submit admission materials to the UTC International Student Services Office.


Tuition for 30-33 Credit Hours*

In-State: $16,400-$20,500

Out-of-State: $17,800-$22,100

Tuition is subject to change.

*Based on number of credit hours and semesters. 

Financial aid is available for students who qualify.